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Base Oil

With years of customer relationship, we were able to become a one-stop shop for all kinds of Base Oil across the globe.

Group 1 Base Oil

  • SN150
  • SN300
  • SN500

Group II Base Oil

  • N150
  • N300
  • N500

Group III Base Oil

  • 4cSt
  • 6cSt
  • 8cSt

Group IV Base Oil

  • PAO 4cSt
  • PAO 6cSt
  • PAO 8cSt

Fuel Oil

Fuel oil is a type of petroleum product that is commonly used as a source of energy in various applications. It is a dark, viscous liquid that is usually black or brown in color. It has a high energy density and is classified into several grades based on its viscosity and other properties.

Furnace Oil

Furnace oil is a type of fuel oil that is used in industrial and commercial applications as a source of heat. It is also known as industrial fuel oil or residual fuel oil (RFO), and is typically produced from the residues left over after the refining process.

It is commonly used as a source of heat in many industrial and commercial applications, such as in furnaces and boilers.

Furnace oil is sometimes used as a fuel for ships, particularly in areas where other fuel sources are not readily available.